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Civil Engineering

  • Hydraulics and Hydrology I
  • Hydraulic Works
  • Ports & Coasts
  • Maritime Engineering
  • Port Engineering

Technical Engineer of Public Works (specialising in civil construction)

  • Hydraulic Engineering and Hydrology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Hydraulic Works
  • Maritime and Port Works
  • Further Hydraulic and Maritime Works

Masters in Water Engineering

  • Water resources and the Hydrological Cycle
  • Superficial Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • Experimental techniques en Hydraulics
  • Regulation of resources and management of extreme situations
  • Supply systems
  • Sanitary systems
  • Argicultural and industrial use of water
  • Economics and management of water
  • Environmental impact of hydraulic and sanitary works
  • Computer hydraulics II
  • Water quality models
  • Commercial programs in hydraulic and sanitary engineering

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