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Hydraulic Engineering equipment belonging to GEAMA dedicated to aquaculture has extensive experience in applied research in the provision of services and advice to aquaculture, both marine and inland.

The strong background in hydraulic research group has allowed the transfer of technology for the design and optimization of fish farms by advising and consulting in facilities under a free discharge, RAS and water reuse.

Some of our references in the area of aquaculture are the following research, advisory and consultancy:

  • Design of aquaculture facilities.
  • Design and calculation of biofilters and oxygenation systems.
  • Process optimization in hatcheries (pipes, oxygenation, and circulation pumps). Cost reduction to sustainable aquaculture.
  • Study potential areas for deployment worldwide.
  • Calculation and design of water intakes, collection wells, pumping stations and outfalls.
  • Design and optimization of production types of tanks.
  • Design of effluent treatment facilities in aquaculture plants.
  • Development of production plans.

Associated projects