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Fluvial hydraulics

Fluvial hydraulics is a much frequented (almost essential) field of study among the groups dedicated to Hydraulic Engineering. The field of Hydraulic Engineering of the GEAMA has various active research projects in this field, which naturally address the classical problems (hydraulic and the transport of sediments), but also attempts to highlight other lesser-studied yet significant problems.

The Directive Marco de Agua, as well as state and autonomous legislation all impart important guidelines with regards to the conservation of the waterways and the preservation of the eco systems. The field of Hydraulic Engineering of the GEAMA has adapted its tools (numeric modelling of waterway habitats, laboratory and field work) in order to find quantitative answers to these problems, which have long been given a qualitative approach.

The GEAMA group has much potential in this evidently increasingly important field, as it has its own modern numeric model (TURBILLON) which may be adapted in order to solve specific problems (e.g. the evaluation of habitats), and due to its multidisciplinary approach.

Associated projects