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Numerical modelling

The research activities in numeric modelling are focused on the development and application of 2D and 3D numeric models in fluvial and coastal hydraulics. The areas of investigation include the modeling of the processes of rural and urban flooding, the proceses of runoff transformation, turbulent flow in canals, flow in fishways, the transportation of sediment in rivers, fluvial habitat, water quality, wave simulation and tide flow in estuaries.

As part of this line of investigation, the development of the TURBILLON code is being worked on for the purpose of modelling fluvial and coastal hydraulics, which consists of different two-dimensional semisubmerged models, among which include: a hydrodynamic unit, a turbulence unit, a unit for the transport of sediment (base loading and suspended loading), a hydrologic unit, a fluvial habitat unit, a water quality unit (DBO, dissolved oxygen, the nitrogen cycle) and transport equations for salinity and temperature.

Non-hydrostatic 3D free flow models are in development to simulate three-dimensional flows and short-wave swell in order to calculate rapid changing non-stationary flow.

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